In collaborazione con Microsoft, Moon Studio e iam8bit, la soundtrack su vinile di Ori and the Blind Forest e and the Will of the Wisps è ora disponibile per il preordine.

Su iam8bit store, è possibile prenotare i suddetti vinili ai seguenti link: Ori and the Blind Forest e Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Ogni vinile costerà 39,99 $; vi lasciamo qui sotto la lista completa dei brani:

“Blind Forest” Tracklist

Ori, Lost In The Storm
Naru, Embracing The Light
Calling Out
The Blinded Forest
First Steps Into Sunken Glades
Finding Sein
Up The Spirit Caverns Walls
The Spirit Tree
Kuro’s Tale I – Her Rage
Thornfelt Swamp
Down The Moon Grotto
The Ancestral Trees
Gumo’s Hideout
Breaking Through The Trap
Climbing The Ginso Tree
Restoring The Light, Facing The Dark
The Waters Cleansed
Lost In The Misty Woods
Home Of The Gumon
Escaping The Ruins
Kuro’s Tale II – Her Pain
Riding The Wind
Completing The Circle
Approaching The End
Mount Horu
The Crumbling Path
Racing The Lava
Fleeing Kuro
The Sacrifice
Light Of Nibel

“Will of the Wisps” Tracklist

Main Theme
We Named Her Ku
Ku’s First Fligh
Separated by the Storm
A Shine Upon Inkwater Marsh
Dashing and Bashing
Sanctuary in the Glades
The Ancient Wellspring
Escaping A Foul Presence
Fading of the Light
Wonderment of Winter
Escape with the Memory of the Forest
Shadows of Mouldwood
More the Spider
Luma Pools
Kwolok’s Malaise
The Windswept Wastes
Escaping the Sandworm
The Weeping Ridge
The Spirit Willow
Shriek and Ori (excerpt)
Ori Embracing the

Entrambe le soundtrack sono state composte da Gareth Coker, mentre l’artwork è stato curato da Nico Gustafsson (Ori and the Blind Forest) e Erin Vest (Ori and the Will of the Wisps). L’uscita è prevista per l’estate 2020.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps è disponibile su PC e Xbox One da ieri in tutto il mondo.

Fonte: Dualshockers